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At a time when a decades old civil war split the country in two, an unconventional team of diverse cricket players led Sri Lanka to one of the finest and most unforgettable World Cup performances in cricket history. This victory acted as a vehicle that allowed the Sri Lankan people to break down ethnic barriers built on centuries of conflict, providing a glimpse of what Sri Lanka could become. 



Our documentary is now Fiscally Sponsored by the International Documentary Association, which means that your donation is now tax deductible!  With your help, our plan is to begin production in the Summer of 2018 with hopes to release the film before the Cricket World Cup in 2019.

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The Sri Lankan Civil War was rooted in deep ethnic tensions between the Tamil and Sinhalese population. When Sri Lanka gained its independence from Great Britain in 1948, the country needed to form a new identity. The majority of the country’s population were Sinhalese, occupying the southern region of the country, while the minority were Tamils, occupying the North. As Sri Lanka began developing its identity, more and more Tamil-friendly policies and laws were stripped. Feeling oppressed by a Sinhalese majority government, the Tamil population first sought to gain more of a voice in the political race but, as tensions rose, demanded more. A Tamil militant group known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam took advantage of this unrest and began to fight back against the Sri Lankan government. Their mission was to create a Tamil country of Eelam in the North East region of Sri Lanka, using suicide bombings and massacres to achieve their goal, igniting the start of the deadly civil war that consumed Sri Lanka for nearly a quarter of a century.